This is probably fine in the US, as the English language there has accepted that thru is a word. Here in the UK though? Nah. We have got some proper words, and we are going to write them out in full.


Grammar issues can be discussed in a civilised manner and there is no need for a “Final solution of the Grammar Question”. Regularly using the term Nazi in Wiki discussions trivializes the millions of murders Nazis committed on Jews, Romani, gay people, political opponents, mentally ill and many others.

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noun; Act of trying to fool someone; Quick or  Apr 7, 2015 Something along the lines of, “I'm such a grammar nazi.” I can't decide what makes me flinch more–that the word is used at all, or that it's worn as  DescriptionGrammar Nazi.svg, Image of the 'official' flag of the Grammar Nazis. Adapted version  Bot that corrects spelling mistakes. Contribute to nminaya/grammar-nazi-bot development by creating an account on GitHub. Mar 19, 2019 Confessions of a 'Grammar Nazi' the heroes of self-expression, while those who defend the language are condemned as 'Grammar Nazis'. Jun 3, 2019 Be it for winning an argument or just to showcase one's superiority, and even privilege, pointing out grammatical errors in others' sentences  Nov 12, 2010 Heck, I'll even accept Grammar Dominatrix if you're feeling saucy. I'll be the Sheriff of Grammartown, flashing my badge as a card-carrying  Tag: grammar nazi. The mistake is the message.

Jan 9, 2020 “Grammar Nazi!” they shriek, as though pointing out their error is comparable to exterminating thousands of people. Misguided liberals who  Dec 1, 2015 For some people the answer is in the question.


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For some people the answer is in the question. Certainly Grammar Nazi is a popular and catchy phrase for referring to people who decry errors of grammar – or what they think are errors, or grammar – and who correct other people’s language unsolicited. This looser, more general sense of nazi is well established in informal English.

Grammar nazi

Say cheers to everything from plastic pouches to  Discover 1 Grammar Nazi design on Dribbble.

Grammar nazi

Telegram Bot. @grammarNz_Bot: This bot analyzes each message that is sent in a Telegram chat, and if it finds any spelling or grammar errors, it replies to the message with its corrections using the asterisk symbol (*).
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Grammar nazi

Grammar Nazi Special Services - Home | Facebook. Grammar Nazi Special Services. 7,241 likes.

The grammar nazi in your life might be a stickler, but you don't have to listen to everything they say, particularly if you're writing a tweet or texting. All Memes › Grammar Nazi Cat. Caption this Meme. Blank Template.
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A grammar nazi is a pedant who compulsively criticizes or corrects people's grammar mistakes, typos, misspellings, and other errors in speech or writing.

29 Signs Prove That You’re a Grammar Nazi. By now, you must have known whether you are one of the Nazis or not and if yes, you will definitely relate these 29 signs of a grammar Nazi: Grammar Nazi or Grammar Police refers to someone who habitually corrects grammar and / or spelling mistakes made by others in conversation, both on and offline.

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The common Grammar Nazi, found primarily in France. Not to be confused with Grandma Nasty. The standard response of the functionally illiterate when taken to task for their sins against the mother tongue is to label the offending party a Grammar Nazi. Some go …

This page is called ‘The British Grammar Nazis’ because we stand for British English, not because it is exclusive to British citizens or Grammar Nazi Italia #GrammarNazi. 1,441 likes. Questa pagina nasce per venire incontro a chi, come noi, è ossessionato dalla correttezza grammaticale e non si trattiene dal correggere il prossimo.

They are the grammar Nazis, those who are overly nut about spelling and grammatical rules and are quick to point it out. These people are utterly annoying; not just because they’re pointing out mistakes, but for the added conceit of thinking they’re doing you a favour by giving you a free grammar lecture.

This looser, more general sense of nazi is well established in informal English. As stated previously, Grammar Nazi is a term given to one who incessantly corrects the spelling/grammar/usage of others. While the label is certainly an apt one, it is rarely, if ever, effective in its intended role as a sort of mini-invocation of Godwin's Law, because true Grammar Nazis, like their Teutonic forebears, have absolutely no qualms about their dedication to their fascist cause Grammar Nazi (Original Song) Reese Lansangan - YouTube. Grammar Nazi (Original Song) Reese Lansangan. Watch later. Share. Copy link.

If You End A Sentence With A Preposition. If Your A Grammar Nazi. Yo Dawg I Heard You’re A Grammar Nazi. Oh You Correct Grammar-Nazis might end up insulting you at times (un)intentionally though Image source And you are left with no option but to give them a piece of your mind Image source .